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Our brand story and health wellness healthy ingredients and nutrition to be your best in delicious meals

Stop the guessing games when it comes to your health

Staying committed to your health goals can be challenging. Our registered dietitians calculate the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins so you don’t have to.

Consistency is Key

Sticking to a healthy diet becomes a breeze with bee.anka meal prep. Eat well and feel your body transform! Our meals will reduce your cravings throughout the day and provide you with ampel energy. 

Healthy meals ready to eat in less than two minutes

Deliveries are made three times a week in order to provide you with optimal freshness. 

Enjoy the convenience of eating chef prepared meals and feel your body TRANSFORM!

Smart meal planning for all budgets

Avoid the stress of meal planning for the week, trips to the grocery store, overbuying groceries, and a fridge full of leftovers.

Consistent meal deliveries will prevent overspending on food, freeing your time and budget to enjoy doing more of what you love. 

20% off for your first two weeks of meals!

Use code: beeanka20


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