Introducing Gourmet Meal Prep

Bee.anka meals are helping you BEEcome the best version of yourself!
Awaken your taste buds with new recipes inspired by worldly cuisines. Enjoy eating healthy meals created by restaurant chefs!!
Our team of executive chefs are focused on creating quality meals tailored around calculated macro nutrients from our registered dietitians. Our new weekly menus will keep you excited and motivated to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating for your Lifestyle

“Dieting is synonymous with suffering, 95% of diets fail people.”

Our goal at Bee.anka meal prep is to make your health journey enjoyable! Our team of experienced chefs are focused not only on bringing you healthy meals but delicious meals! Meal prep sooo good you’ll forget your on a diet which create more positive relationship with food and eating mindfully! 

Healthy Meals Ready To Eat In Less Than Two Minutes

Deliveries are made three times a week in order to provide you with optimal freshness. 

Enjoy the convenience of eating chef prepared meals and feel your body TRANSFORM!

How it Works

All our meal plans are a weekly subscription which allows you to plan your meals around your lifestyle. All meals are prepared fresh and delivered fresh and meal deliveries are made to you 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

We offer the following plans: 


Lunch and Dinner 3 Days  a Week 

6 meals a week 

Lunch and Dinner 5 Days a Week

10 meals a week

Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a Week

14 meals a week

Lunch Only 5 Days a Week 

5 meals a week 

Lunch Only 7 Days a Week 

7 meals a week 

Dinner Only 5 Days a week 

5 meals a week 

Dinner Only 7 Days a week 

7 meals a week